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Tyumen Course Program
Personal Information
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Educational History
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Academic Interest(s)(no more than words):
Have you taken any Russian-language courses? Yes No
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Will you be taking any Russian-language courses during the Summer 2010 semester? Yes No
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Have you taken any Environmental-Science/Policy-related course(s)? Yes No
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Will you be taking any Environmental-Science/Policy-related courses during the Summer 2010? Yes No
List the course(s):
Additional Questions
Give three reasons why you want to participate (no more than words):
What are your expectations (no more than words):
What are your experiences living outside of the USA (no more than words):

Part of the experience of international travel includes different cultural norms. For instance, in Russia in the summer there are typically several weeks when whole areas of cities do not have hot water. It is unusual for a university building, hotel or private apartment to be air conditioned. Local residents normally use public transportation, walk long distances, and are accustomed to waiting a long time when they have to deal with a bureaucratic hurdle. As a participant in this overseas study program, you will experience day-to-day life as local residents do. (A) Will you be able to set aside your American expectations and welcome that experience, or (B) will it be difficult for you?
List the reasons for wanting to take the Global Environmental Issues/Language Learning Field Experience course and describe how it fits into your academic curriculum/program of study.
No less than and no more than words:

If you make our initial selection, we would request your availability for a phone/Skype/in-person interview. Will you be available for an interview? Yes No
I understand that withholding pertinent information requested on this application or giving false information on this application will make me ineligible for admission, or will make me subject to cancellation of admission if admission has already been granted or dismissal if already enrolled. I certify that all statements on this application are correct and complete. I give my permission to officials at all institutions I have attended to release information needed by the University to substantiate statements I have made on this application:
I Agree

For additional information and/or questions contact:
Olena Chernishenko 812-855-3046 ochernis@indiana.edu
Vicky Meretsky meretsky@indiana.edu
Email is the preferred method of communication.

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