The Slavic Linguistics Society

is proud to announce a

Workshop in Slavic Linguistics

What: Four days of informal mini-courses in diverse areas of Slavic linguistics

When: Monday, 14 May 2012–Thursday, 17 May 2012, right after FASL 21

Where: Indiana University—Bloomington

Cost: Absolutely FREE!

Registration: Individuals planning on attending are asked to register by 1 May 2012. To do so, simply send an email to Catherine Rudin


Instructors and topics:

Guglielmo Cinque and Iliana Krapova, University of Venice

      Topics in Phrase Structure

Barbara Citko, University of Washington

      Topics in Polish Syntax

Ronald Feldstein, Indiana University

      Topics in Slavic Accentology

Steven Franks, Indiana University

      Topics in South Slavic Clitics

George Fowler, Indiana University

      Topics in Russian Morphology

Tania Ionin, University of Illinois

      Topics in Acquisition

Ljiljana Progovac, Wayne State University

      Topics in Serbian Syntax

Catherine Rudin, Wayne State College

      Topics in Bulgarian Syntax

Igor Yanovich, MIT

      Topics in the Semantics of Slavic Modals

Draga Zec, Cornell University

      Topics in Slavic Syllable Structure


Practical information: Please consult the FASL21 web pages


For more details contact: Steven Franks, phone: (812) 855-3272/8169