Indiana University Bloomington

Craig Cravens, Ph.D.

Senior Lecturer

Craig Cravens

Office number: GA 4043
E-mail address:

Degree: Ph.D., Princeton University 1998.

Dissertation: “Pushkin's Evgenji Onegin, Dostoevsky's Besy, Capek's Hordubal, and Kundera's Zert: The First-Person Novel in Czech and Russian Literature.”

Specialties/Research Interests: Czech underground culture, Modern Czech literature, Czech-Russian literary relations, Jára (da) Cimrman, literary translation.

Editor in Chief of Three String Books, Slavica Publishers

Courses taught:

  • Modern Czech Cinema
  • Russian Literature from Pushkin to Dostoevsky
  • Czech Literature and Film
  • Central European Cinema
  • Robots and Beer Pubs: Czech Culture from 863 to 1989
  • From Kafka to Kundera: Modern Czech Literature (C364)
  • Czech language
  • Russian Language


Book Translations: